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HR Management

Automate your core processes – all within a single software.


Transitioning HR into a talent- and retention-focused powerhouse can seem overwhelming.


But with the right strategy and Paycom’s single HR management software, we can help shape your culture into one that fosters retention through understanding and accountability for a brighter tomorrow.



woman using hr management software on laptop

Direct Data Exchange®

  • keep a finger on the pulse of your business in real time
  • instantly gauge workforce efficiencies gained through companywide HR tech usage
  • empower employees to take responsibility for data accuracy with 24/7 access to HR information

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restaurant workers using hr management software on tablet

Manager on-the-Go®

  • allow managers to complete essential supervisory tasks at their desk with Manager Self-Service or on the move with Manager on-the-Go
  • keep employee requests for approvals from piling up
  • managers can access only what you allow

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Documents and Checklists

  • create, assign, archive and retrieve documents quickly
  • create and assign tasks to streamline onboarding
  • securely store documents in multiple off-site backup locations

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animation of benefits administration features

Benefits Administration

  • gives employees 24/7 access to review plans and select benefits
  • allows them to test how deductions would affect take-home pay
  • reduces risk of HIPAA or COBRA violations since no data re-entry is required

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Enhanced ACA

  • easy help for complying with the Affordable Care Act
  • tracks your ACA employer status and more
  • gain peace of mind with proactive alerts

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woman using hr management software on cell phone

Ask Here

  • automatically routes employee questions to the appropriate personnel companywide
  • decreases foot traffic, phone calls and emails across your organization
  • stores conversations in one secure dashboard, accessible 24/7

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Report Center

  • customize real-time reports on any system data
  • gain a big-picture view or drill down to details
  • schedule recurring reports to autogenerate

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person completing a personnel action form on cell phone

Personnel Action Forms

  • reduce the compliance risk of physical forms
  • create a secure record of approvals by key decision-makers
  • streamline the process of position management

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animation of government and compliance features

Government and Compliance

  • monitors and helps you comply with federal and state legislation impacting your business
  • keeps your employee data accurate and consistent
  • offers real-time insight with reports in government-required format

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  • be clued in on workforce vaccination and testing status for comprehensive insight and planning
  • allow and remind employees to submit data securely and on time
  • generate predefined or customizable reports for simplified compliance and auditing

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COBRA Administration

  • auto-generates required actions when qualifying events are entered
  • sends required correspondence and tracks important dates
  • quickly updates to changes in COBRA laws

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man receiving positive feedback on cell phone

Paycom Surveys

  • gain open, honest and actionable employee feedback
  • mobile access makes 24/7 completion a breeze
  • instantly view and customize results

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401(k) Reporting

  • customizes, maps, automates and securely delivers your 401(k) plan report
  • models your payroll data to your carrier’s exact needs
  • saves you from re-keying data every payroll

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