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See It in Action: Beti — Now Employees Do Their Own Payroll

Today’s consumer technology brings ease, convenience and empowerment — and the same should be true for your employees and their payroll. With an employee-driven payroll experience, they get greater confidence and fewer surprises. In turn, your organization gets improved accuracy and perfect payroll every time. Speaking of time, your HR teams will have more of it to focus on strategy and engagement instead of busywork.

Sound amazing? Then you’ll definitely want to meet Beti®.

Attend this webinar to see how Beti benefits your entire organization by:

  • empowering employees to review all aspects of their pay (like taxes, benefits changes, hours worked and more) prior to payday
  • improving data accuracy, oversight and the user experience for businesses and their employees on each payroll cycle
  • automatically building payroll on your preset recurring schedule for a reduced administrative workload
  • finding errors and notifying affected employees to resolve those issues prior to payday
  • and a whole lot more!

By attending this webinar, you consent to sharing your information and will be contacted by a Paycom representative.

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