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What’s on our menu? Helping you control labor costs, minimize employee risk and maximize operational efficiency.

Find and retain talent

Hiring employees with the right experience is tough. Keeping them in a high-turnover industry is tougher. Luckily, our software helps you easily and cost-effectively:

  • build a database autopopulated from applications
  • identify top candidates by skill set, licenses and more
  • perform background checks and E-Verify® searches instantly
  • secure Work Opportunity Tax Credits

Train and comply

When profit margins are wafer-thin, you can’t afford labor ill-prepared for the job or posing a compliance risk. We help offset that with tools to:

  • educate employees with engaging, mobile-friendly compliance and skills training accessible on demand
  • securely store I-9, FMLA, EFMLA, OSHA, EEOC, COBRA and workers’ comp documents
  • comply with the ever-changing complexities of ACA, FFCRA, the CARES Act and more

Simplify scheduling and payroll

All within one application with no data re-keying, our payroll and time and attendance software has the flexibility to accommodate your eatery’s specific needs, including:

  • allowing employees to swap or pick up shifts with co-workers
  • accommodating rounding rules, shifts crossing midnight, bonuses, shift and weekend differentials, holidays worked and more
  • calculating tips, tip pools and blended or weighted overtime
  • empowering managers to approve employee timecards, view team schedules and more, through their mobile device

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